In the elevator yesterday I met a dog, Rufus and his person, nameless We shared the usual pleasantries: I scratched He sniffed I remembered how I loved you in this place between the life I once lived and the one ahead


I knew the story how your friend heartbroken left with a bullet his beloved listening She would never could never forget how much he claimed to love her And then you to wound me tried to do the same but swung instead leaving time for them to cut you down so you could live to … Continue reading Heartbroken


Your archaeology reminds we are here for a breath or a moment longer At last nameless whispering walls roads graveled and worn by wandering baths, bridges, tunnels and dreams sacrificed on altar beyond altar


Today I filled myself with cream and sugar temporary consolation more easily obtained than assurance and more fleeting Tomorrow begs for greater sustenance a promise of wholesome things


For days now the cold has found its way right through me to the places it meets itself in every abandoned hope and unuttered word Perhaps I am at heart equatorial warmed through by the memory of the person I once thought I might be


Pulling and pushing I will my world into being the child I once was built a tiny fortress to have a home but now the secret: end the engineering learn to be a garden-keeper surprised each morning by the unexpected bloom


Dreams of you continue each night an unfinished farewell I should have known as we stood on the steps neither up nor down It was easier to leave unfinished a love never truly begun


There is goodness everywhere I look for it my expectation transforming every unnamed thing to blessing to welcome


I shuddered all day bracing against icy wind to blow right to you


Wholesale change can happen abruptly. Mere days before his great awakening, the man who became Buddha was in a pretty bad state. David Brazier Finally this little life you tried to live has given you up for dead packed a bag and gave the rest away so now there is no more starvation or hungering … Continue reading Change


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