And now more lost There can be no reason sound or sane for this tragedy nor our cowardice to prevent it


I wouldn’t recognize you if we passed on the street You are more literal than I remember move and think slowly We both ache in ways unimaginable at fifteen Now it is bones and sinew then it was the longing of children for every forbidden thing


I once lived in that house slept in that bed rested my head there where your shoulder reaches from that deep voice to the warm expanse of your chest I knew myself a little while, uncertain afraid of what lay ahead would be what I left behind You tucked my head under your chin hummed … Continue reading While


As a girl I could not hold a sky so wide the wings of the city too frail for those fears Memory turns this heart at last wide open now longs for these spaces and the sky blue beyond any of those days


Days lose their hours one like the other I have paced out the steps length and width radius and circumference Seeing your face on the small screen I lose myself transgress, confess I miss you want immediately to draw it back Here, immobilized I have gone too far

High School

I remember you awkward myself, unkind You might have had a crush I was too busy with the boys who did me wrong to take the warm hand you offered


I don’t know what to say as yet another takes leave by her own hand these decades of suffering closed now with finality I wonder less how she reached that moment of exhaustion than what more it would take to join her there


Today is the day I lose the past find the present here with you


Take a number hold it to the light rock it gently to and fro until it surrenders


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