My shoulder throbs from two small stitches binding flesh to flesh to tie up every wounded thing These at least are visible unlike the sorrow carried deeper still and unwilling to be bound and mended


It is time to sleep wish every unwelcome thought goodnight dive headlong into the other world to which we belong only fleetingly without sense or memory fear or failure


You have no idea how much you love me Never stopped to count eyes fixed on the rutted road every turn and drop If only you had looked up to know my clear blue sky


With most pleasures unfamiliar I thought duty would redeem days and hours, lifetimes too but all work, we know makes not only dull but desperate dry and unable to breathe


We lived lives the other never dreamed you went no further than the ridge river, dark of the woods all that was real for you rose and fell in that singular place you could walk the boundaries of your whole world in one long day But I have never known how to find myself at…


If I knew how to weep I would dash heart-first into it So many tearless years and burdens borne dry sands and seas crossed companionless and holding my breath so long surely I must have flown by now


I wash my hands again to lose the touch of you ready now for everything to be new and full of the unbreakable promise


I spun all week dizzy imagining your need hungry to meet it Now I do not know how or where to rest misled by my own keychain compass


I’m no cat but I would lick soft cream all day long if you poured for me


Each of your green wings pushes you out in the world to bridge soil and sky


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