I’m tempted to say I got lost along the way but can one lose what was never found?


Why only bake cake? We could master all sweet things this long afternoon


This is the day the Lord has made let us dive deep into the thick of it rose-hued and blushing let every pleasure find you and remind your soft heart it is made more for love than struggle


I write out recipes blueberry ink on rice-white cards imagine smooth skins as roots are pulled from wet earth to fill basket, belly


I hear this young girl sing alphabet strange on her tongue all of it new not yet burdened or constrained by rules, rhthym, syntax Be brave now, sweet child before we cage your words

Short Poems

I can hide in short poems like long grass, concealing to risk long verse or worse rhyme, rhythm, meter tell a long story about my heart hard-broken wandering and afraid might be too much I would run faster than ink from a bleeding pen


The earth and I welcome these last days (of) rain before the long thirst


Tonight I doubt us both: That I could be loved That you might exist


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