I knew the story
how your friend
left with a bullet
his beloved listening
She would never
could never forget
how much he claimed
to love her
And then you
to wound me
tried to do the same
but swung instead
leaving time for them
to cut you down
so you could live to say
how much you loved me


For days now
the cold has found its way
right through me
to the places it meets itself
in every abandoned
hope and unuttered word
Perhaps I am 
at heart equatorial
warmed through
by the memory of the
person I once thought
I might be


Wholesale change can happen abruptly. Mere days before his great awakening, the man who became Buddha was in a pretty bad state.

David Brazier
this little life
you tried to live
has given you up for dead
packed a bag
and gave the rest away
so now there is no more
starvation or hungering
for enlightenment
but surely
inexplicably now
the sun rises in the East