The city is on the brink of falling
and so I know you are there
huddled in some small room
hoping it may be safe enough
as mortars drop close and loud
I could walk all night
but never reach you
separated by darkness and light
seas and meadows
longing as I do
to welcome you in
so we might at last
shelter each other


Here we meet
in the last of this wild evening's light
birdsong and the rustling of new leaves
a curious dog sniffs welcome
I see that kite clinging
to the top branches
far beyond any reach
I want so much to slip
our two warm hands together
fingers interwoven
to speak to each other
in those soft tones
I have been missing you so long
and miss you still
here in the last
of this wild evening's light


In the station tonight
young people break up
women hold bare midriffs
tears well up and spill
between glittering breasts
It took so much to get here
all the expectations and plans
Now he is drunk and
doesn't understand
how much she hoped
to please him, to feel loved
and how tired she is of trying
of wishing
someone might tell her
at last, who she is


I don't know what to tell you
about this God you hoped for
the one who would charge in
at the last moment
and save the day

The bullets found their mark
warm bodies dropped
into this gap in the cool earth
where we found them
just yesterday

I think of the prophet
who prayed for peace
and plotted faithfully
against an army
until he, too, fell

And knew the truth