Dining Room

We stood together in the dark
pressed against each other
alone in the house
so I don't recall why that room
why standing
I remember at least the
shadow of intensity
the breathlessness of that moment
both of us fully grown
hearts beating in our throats
low voices
wanting so much
unable to imagine a way forward
together or apart
in the end we found neither
only a wide expanse of pain


Life is a good teacher and a good friend. Things are always in transition, f we could only realize it.

Pema Chodron
What I want from my life
some solid ground, is 
never what will be given. A
life does not behave, is not good
like a child pleasing the teacher
but is unruly, beautiful and
unwilling to offer a
guarantee.  This life is good
is best, the truest friend
when I trust all things
are safe in hand, are
becoming, and always
destined to be what I need in
their own time.  Transition
frightens me, but if
I am willing to breathe deep we
can be friends, could
make something only
alive in this moment, realize
the beating heart of it


I want to leave here stripped bare
by my own hands, of course
willfully, though not defiantly
lifting off every old, ill-fitting thing

See the trail I leave:
scuffed shoe in the car
blouse draped on the curb
skirt abandoned at security
baffled staff
lacy underthings discovered
where I drop them
at the gate
the surprised, delighted gaze
of my seatmate as
I settle in, rosy pink, for this
leap between worlds

First published in Reveries (January 2022)


Maybe the most important teaching is to lighten up and relax

Pema Chodron
Today you think maybe
it is time to be the
one you forgot to be, the most
true version.  It's important
to begin teaching
yourself this.  The way is
easier than you know, to
let go and lighten
your own load, lift up
that beautiful face and
finally let yourself relax