Today I saw a man embrace
a prize-winning melon
He was so proud of what his 
love had wrought

Every day he watered
shaded, sheltered
as he marveled at its girth
and the mottled emerald skin

How lucky to love like that
a heart full of the sweet
and ephemeral
always here, now


A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.

I want to ask if you know
what it is to love half-hearted
but who among us doesn't, really?

See we love this way
more often than not
and in thirds and quarters, too

We think we are clever
to guard ourselves like this
but it is our own hearts cheated

it is not only your half love for me
I must decline
but my own fractured ways of loving


Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?

Mary Oliver
Listen:  it's time to face this thing you
are fearing.  Hiding can't protect
you in the end, but keep you from 
breathing in the midst of this

Just stop here for a minute

A life of being loved will be better
Little by little you will let yourself relax
and lean into others' strength
Calling yourself a coward is unkind
It is better to call yourself, your true self
a lover.  This is what you need, a 
life, a love, full to overflowing